Congratulations Medvance!

by Rob Northfield

Congratulations to everyone at Medvance Ltd who immediately got involved and displayed great enthusiasm at the recent 2inspire Teamwork Workshop. Also special congratulations to Kath Clarke who, as voted by workshop participants as the person who took the most out of the session and made a special contribution.

This workshop analysed fundamental issues that face people working within a team. It discussed eye-opening ways in which employees could improve communication and how this would help themselves and the business. The workshop gave participants tips on how to deal with stress, understanding that we can change negative stress into positive stress. The session was filled with useful tip and techniques which can be utilised in many everyday situations. Not only was the workshop informative but also fun and interactive involving many group tasks. Participants remarked that it was a fantastic experience and that it was an enjoyable way to spend a morning.

Feedback from the participants was very positive;

“A relaxed and encouraging environment” - Vicky Marshall

“Great tips on how to be better dealing with challenges” - Mark O’Reilly

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